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June 12th 2024

Filter Contacts by Lead Source

You can now easily find your Contacts that are attributed to specific Lead Sources. See more in this article.

Appointment & Job Dates on Deal Cards

Wondering when appointments and jobs are scheduled? No more clicking back and forth from your pipelines to your calendars. Dates are now shown directly on Deal Cards!

Connect Appointments Calendar to Outlook

Want to connect your DJ Appointments Calendar to your Outlook? Well, with Zapier, it's possible! See our walkthrough in this article.

Note: This is a one-way integration -- information in your Outlook calendar is not able to be transferred to your Appointments Calendar currently.

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May 23rd 2024

Stripe Connect 💵

You can now sign up for Stripe in your Company Settings dashboard within DripJobs! Signing up through Stripe Connect can help prevent issues like limited and cancelled accounts, and is made to ease the sign up process as a whole so you can begin accepting payments within DripJobs as quickly as possible.

See the sign up process and more details here.

Adding Job Notes in Job Costing 📝

If you have additional notes you would like to attach to a Job Costing record, there is now a Job Notes section you can take advantage of! This can be used to denote answers to questions like:

  • Why were you over or under on materials?

  • Why were you over or under on labor?

  • Why does the profit margin differ from other similar jobs?

See where to leave those notes in this article.

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May 1st 2024

Job Costing is Here! 🤑

Utilize Job Costing to identify & track project profitability for your home-service projects.

  • Add Employees & Subcontractors

  • Input Project Labor Cost

  • Add Materials & Miscellaneous Costs

  • Delegate Job Costing User Role

  • Integration with Quickbooks Time

Once added, we have video tutorials available! We also have a database of articles to help you navigate the add-on. Happy Costing!

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April 10th 2024

Added Options when Sending a Proposal

  • You can now choose the Drip Sequence you would prefer a customer get before sending the Proposal out.

  • Working at 11pm? No problem - schedule your Proposal to be sent the next morning!

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April 3rd 2024

Appointment and Job Reminders 🤩

  • You can now alert customers weeks, days, or hours before their scheduled appointments.

  • See this article for more details.

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March 18th 2024

📝 Multiple Booking Forms 📝

  • You can now create multiple booking forms for different types of customers, events, or types of services.

  • See this article for more details.

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March 6th 2024

Emoji Support in all Drips


  • You can now use exciting emojis in Drips to really get your point across! ✅

  • Emojis can be used from your phone's emoji keyboard. On desktop, you copy & paste from an emoji library website.

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February 28th 2024

📷 Photo Upload Option on Booking Form

  • You can now give your customers the option to upload images on your booking form.

  • See more in this article.

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February 21st 2024

Archiving Appointment Requests & Deals

  • You can now archive the Deal and appointment request for customers simultaneously instead of individually.

  • See more here.

👀 Updated Request Schedule Button

  • A bigger target to click and a bolder view.

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February 16th 2024

📆Jobs Schedule & Google Calendar Sync

  • The Jobs Schedule can now be linked to your Google Calendar.

  • See the how-to here.

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